Monday, March 21, 2011

Lady Gaga Viva Glam Advert Look

I created this look on camera as well, but I'm not talking so I wanted to over dub it. The only problem is the mic on my laptop is garbage and doesn't work. So until I can figure out how to do that, here's some pictures.


This little monster

I had a total eyelash fail, since I ran out of Duo glue, I tried some crappy Ardel glue. FAIL

Key points to this look, the eyeliner is thicker on the inside of the eyes towards the nose, accentuating Gaga's unique eye shape.

Soft pinks, corals, and golds.

Lighter eyebrows, I combed a very light foundation over mine, they're naturally light but still needed to be lighter.

A straight sharp shadow on the bottom opening up the eyes, making them look bigger (not that I need that, but Gaga has smaller eyes).

Contouring on the bridge of the nose to narrow the area, giving a slimmer nose. Classic Gaga.

Fully lined lips. I was using the Ad picture from a magazine and the lips appeared much browner there than in the MAC email I got.

I hope you enjoyed, and remember love who you are and who you want <3

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