Friday, March 18, 2011

Humidity and Frizzy Hair?! Oh my...

It seems it may officially be spring time here in the lovely greater Vancouver area... oh how do I know? It's been raining for 5 days...
Not that I'm complaining, I mean Edmonton is currently a toasty 0 Degrees Celsius (not really too bad for this time of year, ha-ha).

With rain comes humidity, I'm loving it on my skin, but my hair... not so much love...

I love big hair as much as the next girl, but this is redic!

Here are some tricks I've learned over the years dealing with my thick, curly hair:

1. HYDRATE! Inside and out! Drink water! This helps your hair, skin and nails. Dry hair will break off and cause more frizz.

2. Deep Condition I use a leave in conditioner (AG Fast Food) and a hydrating conditioner in the shower.

3. Avoid Heat Styling If you do heat style make sure you use a heat protector. The best I've used is Insulate by AG (I love AG products, they can be pricey but watch for sales!)

4. MOUSSE! I know girls, you're young, and you think mousse just makes your hair crunchy. You're doin' it wrong (Insert funny meme here...) My favorite mousse is Fructis Curls and Shine Mousse. It has a strong hold that can keep my curls defined for the second day, but has a soft enough hold I don't feel crunchy. Small amounts, start at the ends and work up, and don't forget the back!

5. Diffuser You know... It's that funny thing punch bowl that came with your mom's blow dryer...

Yeah that crazy thing, hold it under your hair and push your hair up into the bowl of it. The curls will fall naturally into their place and dry that way.

OK So you want to fight the natural curl, fair enough. I've been doing it for years. If you have the frizz fly aways with your Marsha Brady hair here's some other fun tips:

1. Dryer Sheet run it LIGHTLY (I stress the lightly part, go hard core and you'll end up with greasy roots) over the top of your hair

2. Hairspray + Comb spray your comb with a hairspray, I really don't care which one, and comb your hair. The hairspray will transfer to your locks without looking like a helmet.

Let me know which tricks you use! Or if you give these a try!

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