Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Day Challange

I keep seeing this tag on FaceBook and I feel compelled to do it. So over the next 30 days I will be posting. Don't worry my regular posts Monday and Friday will continue as well :)


Day 01- A picture of yourself and fifteen facts about you.

Me right now, via webcam. Just Chillin'

  1. I'm an Aries
  2. I wish I was more creative that I am
  3. I am madly in love
  4. I design and sew unique outfits, and love it!
  5. I am abandoning the crackberry soon, sorry BBM
  6. I am the older sister to a pretty cool guy
  7. I love my job(s)
  8. I am officially a British Columbian (I finally got my BCID)
  9. I spend way too much time watching YouTube videos
10. I own a very "husky" hamster
11. I love to cook!
12. I'm addicted to Kpop right now 
13. I'm a Twihard, yup... team edward...
14. I'm a horrible speller, thank goodness for spell check 
15. I'm considered legally blind when not wearing my contacts or glasses 

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