Sunday, March 13, 2011

Business Card Fail

At work, word has spread I have a beauty blog, and I get asked often what the URL is. So I figured, I have some left over Card Paper, I should make some cards up. It's the  kind of paper where you can use Publisher or Word to create your own business cards. I carry some old ones with my Alberta phone number on it still in my purse, I figured this would be an easy task, right?


This paper is soooo frustrating to use!!

This is my original design, I posted it on Twitter and Facebook and got positive feed back.

After some minor tweeking I came up with this

It printed off, so I figured it must have been the template I was using. So I started from a blank template and got this

That printed off too, I was very frustrated at this point, so I tried to alter the saved card I carry. That didn't work either, and now I'm getting low on toner!!

I abandoned Publisher (which I LOVE!) and tried the Word version. Only more frustrations, you have to alter each card individually and can't mess up one, or else the whole set is thrown off. 

Now I'm left with this...

It's printed way off, my name should be at the top. My name is on the bottom from the card below it!

So I'm going to try something else, and never buy paper from Avery again. It never works and only causes me frustrations. I have an HP PSC 1209 all in one printer, which prints fantastically, just not these damn cards.

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