Monday, March 7, 2011

Japanese Black Biore Nose Strips - A Review

I've had quite the adventurous weekend so far with my BFF in town. We stopped at a T&T Supermarket on our way back to my house and picked up a bunch of candy (pocky and such), I grabbed a box of Japanese Black Biore Nose Strips on my way out.

I heard good things about this, like that they worked better than the typical North American ones, so I had to give them a try.

I got 10 strips in a pack for $11.99, which I don't think isn't too bad. A little more than a dollar a piece.

I think I left mine one too long and some of it didn't peel off cleanly, I'll have to remember to peel it off the moment it's dry to avoid this.

The black dye was also strange. When I placed the strip on my wet nose the dye started to run right away. It didn't stain, but didn't look too great.

I like that I can see the gross-ness clearer on the black background, but I don't feel this is any better than the ones I've used in the past. They are slightly smaller, which is nice then I don't have to worry about the delicate skin around my eyes, since it doesn't hit that part of my face.

Over all, no worse, no better. I don't like using these all the time, I feel they are very rough on my skin. I would rather use a metal extractor and a good cleanser.

They do make a fun mustache though. HA-HA!

Thanks to my model Asher for the lovely mustache pose. 

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  1. that's so weird that they dye was running on you. i've never used the black biore ones - the brand i buy from T&T is Softymo and it's not like the north american biore ones - the texture is similar to that of seaweed on sushi (weird, i know) but flexible and stretchy. i will steer clear of the biore ones if i ever see them because they sound crappy!