Thursday, August 18, 2011

Loose Button: Lets Do The Math

My subscription is up with Loose Button, and I wanted to figure out how much everything works out to be, and if it was truly worth the money. Lets look back...


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
full sized value: $72 for 75g
I received 13g
Value: $12.48

China Glaze Nail Polish
full sized value: $7 for 14ml/0.5fl oz (assuming the nail art is the same size as a standard CG polish)
I received 9.52ml/.325fl oz
Value: $4.76

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow
full sized value: $22 for .10oz/2.8 grams
I received the full sized shadow .10oz/2.8 grams
Value: $22.00

Total June box value: $39.42


Essie Nail Polish
full size value: $8 for 15ml/0.5fl oz
I received the full size 15ml/0.5fl oz
Value: $8.00

Proclaim Hair Oil Treatment
full size value: $7 for 8fl oz
I received 0.5fl oz/15ml
Value: $0.05

Stella Perfume in Two Peony
full size value: $56 for 50ml (I'm assuming, I cannot find a price/size online)
I received 1.2 ml/0.04fl oz
Value: $1.34

Trucco Lip Pencil
full size value: $20 for 1.1g/0.04g
I received the full sized pencil 1.1g/0.04
Value: $20.00

Total July box value: $29.39


Cheeky Monkey Nail Polish
full size value: $15 for 15 ml
I received the full size 15 ml
Value: $15.00

City Cosmetics City Lips Lip Plumping Treatment
full size value: $35 for 5 ml
I received an unknown amount, I'm guessing 0.5 oz
Value (estimated): $3.50

Proclaim Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion
full sized value: $8 for 32fl oz
I received 88ml/3fl oz
Value: $0.75

Calvin Klein Forbidden Eurphoria Perfume
full sized value: $78  for 50ml
I received 0.10fl oz/3 ml
Value: $4.68

Sheyna Earrings
Value: $16.00

August box value: $39.93

Total I paid for 3 months of Luxe Box by Loose Button
$33.57 after tax (no shipping)

Total Value:

Average Box Value:

Wow, pretty cool. I'm thinking of trying a different brand next, Glymm does the same thing. I'll try them out!

Do you think you'll buy from Loose Button? They've increased their price to $12/mo from $10/mo.

All products mentioned are purchased by me through the Loose Button Luxe Box program. I am not affiliated with the brands mentioned in any way, nor am I getting compensated for the item. All opinions are mine.

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