Monday, July 18, 2011

Luxe Box by Loose Button - July

I came home to a package today! My July Luxe Box by Loose Button!! I filmed opening it, but it didn't turn out, so it's a wordy blog today. Here's what I got!

4 Samples this time!

I don't own any Essie Nail Polishes, but have heard great things about them! This one seems almost full sized, if not actually fully sized. I can't remember how big Essie polishes actually are. The colour is In Stitches. An interesting colour that's hard to describe. I'll swatch it later on.

The hair oil treatment is great, I'm trying to keep my hair as healthy as it can be. It's the longest it's been in a long time (almost 10 years!), and the ends dry out. I can't wait to try this stuff!!

This Stella perfume is NOT my favorite scent, and I regret spraying it in my room. It's musky, and I'm more of a floral scent type of person. I've been wearing Coach Poppy lately. This is something I'll be giving away.

Lastly is a red lip liner. Loose Button, how'd you know I LOVE red lips!? This red is more blue based than my current red lip liners, which is definitely a bonus! It will go great with my Viva Glam I lipstick!!

I'm glad I got items I haven't tried this time. Totally worth the $10 this month!!

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