Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maybelline New York Super Stay 24 Color

I get coupons online from P&G all the time, and a couple months ago I got one for $1 off Maybelline New York's new lip colour. I thought why not, I hate reapplying my lips all day, lets see if it works.

I picked up the shade "Blush On", at least that's what I think it says, I threw away the box and the print is suuuuuuper tiny.

As for the colour, I like it, it's a little frosty, so I won't wear it often. I find I'd rather a bold eye than a frosty lip.

The product comes with a doe foot applicator for the gloss, and a twist up balm to set the product.

The instructions say to apply the colour and wait for it to dry before applying the balm. The colour goes on smooth and doesn't have a horrible smell. It gets REALLY sticky as it drys. It was really strange at first. Once it's dry, it's no longer sticky and the longer you let it dry the longer it will last.

The balm feels like a basic wax based balm, nothing special.

I started with applying all my make up at about 7:30 AM before heading to work.

nice stache...

I had a coffee and bagel for breakfast, talked A LOT, then had lunch. It was BBQ day at work so I had a burger. After all that my lips looked like this around 12:30PM.

Some feathering at the edges, but still going strong!!

I got home from work around 6:00PM (spent some time chatting it up after hours). This picture didn't turn out perfect, but I needed to get dinner started.

Finally, it's the end of the night, and I'm ready to wash up and go to bed. I had dinner, and smooched my man a couple times *blush*.

Impressive!! I didn't have any rub off all day (I tend to bite my lips), and I'm betting if I wore this all night there would be something left in the morning.

Over all I'm very impressed with this product and plan on getting a couple more shades (hopefully score another coupon or two). Pick this one up!! It keeps it's promise!!

This posts contains products purchased with my own money. This post contains opinions that are strictly mine alone. I do not have any affiliation with Maybelline, or P&G.

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