Saturday, June 12, 2010

Self Tanner/Sunless Tanner

After many hours of debate I have decided to take the leap into self tanner again. I haven't done it since high school and for good reasons. I ended up being super orange after a bad self tanning incident. So here we go!

I've decided to go the route of sunless tanner due to a few reasons.
1. Being of a fair skin tone I tend to burn VERY easily. Even with the protection of a high SPF I burn, then peel, then remain pale. Also, due to my blue eyes and fair skin, the sun makes me squint a lot more than people with brown eyes, making me more prone to wrinkles around the eyes! Along with cataracts. So I try to avoid being out side when it's really bright.
2. I have seen the horrific pictures of melanoma and have no desire to have that, even though it has been hard to prove that melanoma is linked to uva/uvb rays and tanning, I don't like those odds.
3. I'm too cheep to fork out monthly fabutan payments to maybe get darker skin.
4. I have quite a few visible tattoos on my arms and I don't want them to fade, sun tanning can remove pigment in tattoos and cause nasty fading. Since my body doesn't seem like like to keep the green I have in my tattoos I don't want to keep it as much as I can.

I've chosen to go with Life Brand Daily Glow Lotion. I got one of the face and one for the rest of my body. It claims "...helps to even out the tone of your skin while adding a hint of colour. The maximum depth and intensity of colour is seen in approximately one week's time - through daily use."

It looks just like the Jergens brand, but was much cheaper. I have no problem trying the house brand equivalent of products. Life is Shoppers Drug Mart brand. 

The basics; I'm so very very fair. Actually fair isn't the right word, I'm pale, pasty, damn near see-thru! I'm a MAC NC15 in foundation and usually have to put it on really light and blend the hell out of it. I can do MAC Face and Body foundation in N1 (like No one is whiter than you, pale girl), but it tends to oxidize quickly making it useless after about a month or so.
I also have oily-combo skin, that is very sensitive. Sensitive skin is very common for people with a fairer skin tone. So I tend to get red quickly and my skin is irritated by a lot of fragrances.

What I've done:
I started with a clean face and body

(don't be frightened, it's just me sans-makeup!)

 on my face I used bliss' "Fabulous Foaming Face Wash"

 I exfoliated my legs and arms with Olay's Daily Exfoliating Scrub

I've heard self tanning works better with exfoliated skin. I just love the Olay Body Exfoliator.
I applied the face lotion first, making sure not to get any stuck in my eyebrows or hair line, and bringing it down my neck, then I did the body lotion on my arms, chest and legs. I made sure to wash my hands after applying it to my face, and again after I applied it to my arms and legs, I don't want orange palms.

What I think of it...
After 1 application I have to say, I am a fan of this product! It doesn't stink, it smells like lotion, but nothing over powering. The body lotion has more of a scent to it than the face on. It's not greasy at all! It absorbed quickly into my face and on my arms and legs, It hasn't left any sort of residue. The 70 ml face lotion is a pretty good deal, I paid about $4 for it, and I figure 70 ml will last quite a while. I had to use quite a bit of the body one, since my legs and arms tend to be dryer, but again, no residue, or greasy feeling.
I'm not expecting this product to make me look super dark, I just would like to be able to go without foundation and not look sickly. 

I can't wait to see what it does in a week.

Thumbs UP!

All products were purchased by me. All opinions are mine, and mine alone, with no outside influence. 

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