Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nail Polish - Top Coats

So I finally got my hands on the famous "Seche Vite" top coat. I've been looking everywhere for it, the only place I could find is online with over priced shipping. It's crazy what people charge for "international" shipping. Personally I wouldn't consider Wisconsin to Canada international...
Anyway, I ventured down to Southgate Mall here in Edmonton, I was searching the OPI stand at Beauty Express for some interesting colours, and saw this little gem!

(Over top OPI Blue My Mind)

There's a few pros and cons about this product.
First is the obvious, it's damn near impossible to find. At least for me in Canada. Mind you haven't been looking overly hard for it. I haven't been to a professional beauty supplier lately, or a Sally's. Mostly because the hours suck and the only Sally's here is on the opposite side of the city from me. 
It does dry very fast, and gives a great shine! It seems pretty durable. I haven't had any chips yet, just the normal wear. That's pretty good for me.  I treat my nails pretty rough, and I've been cleaning house like a mad woman! We all know water doesn't help a manicure.
The brush in the bottle is comparable to the "pro-wide" brush used by OPI. I have a large nail bed and I find this to be a HUGE benefit! Less strokes means a faster application! Faster application means less dry product going back into the bottle.
Another thing I don't appreciate too much is the odor. The smell of this polish is very strong. It's almost alcohol like, but I guess that helps with the quick dry.
Lastly the price is another downer. I paid $15 for this. That's probably the most I've ever paid for one single polish.

I've currently been using Revlon's "Quick Dry Top Coat - 096" and have zero complaints.

(Over top OPI Blue My Mind)

This top coat is by far the best one I've ever used. First it's like $7, and found pretty much everywhere! Drugstores FTW!! It dries almost as fast as the Seche Vite does, but doesn't have that horrible smell.
The brush isn't as wide as OPI and Seche Vite. So I do have to work quickly to make sure the product doesn't dry on the brush.
It does wear down pretty fast compared to SV, but if you apply a new coat every other day or so the manicure will last a good 10 days.

All in all both seem pretty good, I'll have to try Seche Vite a little more to get a better idea but at first it seems pretty good. I just have to work near a window to avoid the smell. I'm a big smell person tho, so maybe it won't be as bad for everyone.

<3 Erika

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