Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Window Shopping

Just some items I've been dreaming of...

Coach - I'm a Coach junkie, I love Coach stuff... But rarely buy it, especially accessories, way too rich for my blood right now...

Sandy Cable Chain Necklace - I love spring turquoise trend!

Poppy Heart Stone Ring - Poppy is too cute!

H&M - I don't fit a heck of a lot from H&M but they have a lot of cute stuff!

Sweedish Hasbeens Shoes - I love the strappy wedges!

Floral Dress - Very springy, very fun!

Pinup Girl Clothing - I love the vintage 40's/50's look, and for a curvy girl it can work so well!!

Heidi Dress $88 - Red, sassy, love it!

Sailor Swing Dress $98 - Nautical comes in every spring!

Esty - You can't go wrong with handmade, and supporting the little guy. I'm thinking what I could match with that blue dress!

DestinysCove on Etsy has these beautiful upcycled anchor bottle caps!

HollywoodHillBilly on Esty has this wicked necklace!

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