Friday, April 8, 2011


Today I hit up Metrotown and Crystal Mall to check out some products I was dying to get. Crystal Mall is an asian mall, and has all sorts of stuff that a sheltered little white girl like myself thinks is pretty cool. LOL

First I hit up MQ Cosmetics to check out BB Cream. Now BB Cream is a huge thing in Asia and parts of Europe, it's a multi-purpose product that helps correct imperfections in your skin while providing coverage and conceal imperfections. I went with a product I saw a YouTube guru by the name of BubzBeauty (yeah she's adorable!) talking about. That is Skin79 BB Cream.

It's very interesting. It has an SPF of 25, and promotes anti-wrinkles, which I totally need to start working on. If I start now I don't have to worry about them later, right?! I'll review it more once I've used it a bit.

Next products I got from MQ were face masks. Not like a cream or clay, but a sheet. Really cool. I got 2. Valensence Collagen Eye Mask and Skin Food Avocado Mask.

I can't wait to try these bad boys out!

I went over to Metrotown and stopped at MAC. *Sigh* paying full price like a sucker because I haven't renewed my pro card yet. But I got the crazy lip colour Candy Yum Yum from the new collection, and the lip conditioner for my poor lips. :(

The great thing about MAC Lip Conditioners is that they have an SPF, you would never think your lips need sunscreen but they really do. The skin is so thin they burn very easily.

Finally a hop skip and a jump away I went to Lush. I got R&B Hair Moisturizer. It smells fantastic. Very natural, and healthy!! I want... no I NEED my hair to smell like this. I love it! This is the first time I've used it, since I tend to avoid Lush due to the over pricing and the over whelming smell that comes from the store.

I'll post more in depth reviews (maybe a video, I'm not sure. Comment if you would rather see me talk than read my typing!!)

Love ya! XOXO

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