Friday, April 29, 2011

Balea Exfoliating Treatment

I felt tonight was another good night to try another one of my Balea skin treatments. This time I went with the Cream and Honey Exfoliating Treatment.

First impression was that it smelled nice, sweet but not overly in-your-face sweet. There are tiny exfoliating beads that give a nice feel to the scrub.

The instructions say to scrub lightly then let it sit fr 10-15 minutes. Okay, no biggie.

at first I was all like

At about the 3 min mark it starts to tingle, this must be a chemical exfoliant doing it's thing. No biggie, I like chemical exfoliants, I find they work better on me. Not 5 minutes into letting the mask sit on my face it starts to burn. Seriously burn. The tingle started on my cheeks and the burning started around my nostrils and eyebrows.

then I was all like

I can't take it anymore, and I wash it off. My water is warm, but feels like lava on my skin. I tapped the towel on my skin (as you should, never wipe) and it feels like sand paper!

I toned with my Bliss toner and used my Nivea light night cream, and my skin feels a little better. I'm definitely exfoliated, but I will not be doing this specific treatment again. Ouch!

Pass on this one guys!

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  1. Yeah I tried it aswel and it too burns when its on, what up with that?