Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Saturday - Outfit and mini-haul

My week has been so crazy I got all turned around and forgot that yesterday was Friday! My Saturday has been very eventful though.

I went to work for a couple hours and after hit up the mall next door. Ardene's had a sale on accessories and I went a little flower clip crazy! I love flower clips. They turn a simple bun or ponytail into a little something special. Here's my new collection. One of every colour!


Then we hit up the gym and I put on my Vancouver uniform of Lululemon.



I have on my MC College t-shirt
Lululemon Run: Inspire Crop II pants, they're made of compression material and have the best little pockets that fit my iPod perfectly
over top I have my Lululemon jacket that they don't make anymore, and I have no idea what it's called... oops. It's similar to the Define Jacket, but came before the thumbholes were in every single jacket. I think I got it when everything was still made in Canada, it's in rocking condition for being about 8 years old. I fit it much better now ;)
I have my puma Soliel shoes on, yeah not the best for the gym, but they'll have to do until I can get some good running shoes.

How did you spend your Saturday?

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  1. Saw Hunger Games, and I admit I cried, mostly at the beginning though, and maybe a tear at the middle there. Definitely on Team Cinna though. And surprisingly MT wasn't too bad today. GOt to Sephora which wasn't as packed as usual, but had a ton of staff on, all co-ordinatin on walkie talkies. Got my wipes, and matched my fave lipstick which is almost gone to a Clinique one that is almost the exact shade, shimmer, and glossiness, so I counted that as a win. Then went to Lush and got my AOBS and stopped by Fruits and Passion and got some trial and travel shower gels and lotions, so I can try some new scents before I get a big bottle. I like a variety, not a ton of the same same. Then a Jugo Juice, a weirdo on the skytrain who wouldn't stop talking to me, and bus driver who let us get on and sit while waiting for him to leave unlike those other ones who make you stand in the rain. So that was a win. :) Home now, and laundry tomorrow, but nothing else planned for this weekend.