Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beauty School? more like Beauty Fool!

I hear it all the time, "What beauty school would you recommend?" or "I'm going to beauty school to become a makeup artist". Honestly, if you have $15000 to spend on something fun, go for it. If you'd rather buy a car, I'd suggest that more.

I went to Marvel College (aka MC College, yup Marvel College College... oh beauty school...) and took the full Esthetics course. It was fun, my classmates were fun, and my instructor had a wicked eastern european accent. Esthetics gives you the skin knowledge, which I think is great, but not necessary unless you want to work in a spa. I thought that's what I wanted to do, then I found out how much the average Esthetician makes, and I was already making more than that at my current job. People will argue that it pays well, but you really need to gain a clientele, and frankly I didn't have time for that.

As a part of that course I got a bunch of certificates, including a Make Up Artistry Certificate.

Spa Therapy, Nail Technician

Reflexology, Esthetics Diploma, Make Up Artistry

I be edumakated yo!

There's so many people who think you need this little piece of paper to put make up on people's faces. NOPE.  I learned more watching my favorite artists on YouTube and I thought I'd share the biggest tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis. However, if you're interested in special effects make up then I would suggest some classes, I know I've been looking at some, but the biggest names in make up artistry learned from being in the industry and working hands on.

So here you go, some awesome tips I've learned via the internetz.

Kandee Johnson's Triangle Concealer Trick - I love Kandee, she's so kind and full of energy.

The Chapman Sisters aka Pixiwoo and using the MAC 224 brush for concealer - These ladies are not only beyond beautiful they're super duper talented. I can't find the video they explain why they use the 224 brush, but if you skip this one to 1 min you'll see how airbrushed the concealer goes on.

Petrilude's eyebrow covering - this is something NOT taught in makeup school. *gasp*

Those are just a few of my favorites. I hope they help you like they did me!

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