Friday, November 5, 2010

My Skin Care Savior

I have been dealing with mild to medium acne for most of my life (yeah I did the math...). It's never been very serious, just the mild break out, the black heads around my nose, and the worst... these tiny little bumps! They're not quite milia, they're not quite pimples, they're somewhere in between.

I've used all sorts of cleansers, and scrubs from over the counter to specialty shops, and nothing seems to get rid of these bumps. Until now...

I've heard crazy good things about the Clarisonic scrub brush thingy ma-hoozle, and I want it! Only problem, the price tag!! It's a crazy $200. That's redic. So until I win the lotto I need to go with the next best thing, a manual brush.

I picked up this little guy on impulse at Sephora, right at the counter for a cool $5.

I use it with my ultra favorite Fabulous Foaming Face Wash from Bliss, two little pumps, in the middle of the brush, and I scrub scrub scrub for about 30-60 seconds in a circular motion. Even after the first use I could tell my skin was cleaner. It doesn't leave it dry or tight, like so many acne cleansers, and it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, like so many acne cleansers.  It's all about the physical/manual scrubbing.

My forehead was the worst for these little mystery bumps, but they're almost all gone. I still get the occasional hormonal break out (usually around my chin), but other than that, I feel my skin is at it's best. Which is about time, since I'm 26, and I need to start fighting off these damn wrinkles I see forming!

I can't wait to hit up Sephora again and get a grittier, scrubbier product from Bliss to work away the rest of the dead skin cells. I'm thinking the facial polish...

So if you're like me, and have such mild acne that really only drives you nuts, I highly suggest getting a facial brush! It's designed for your face, so don't try to skimp out and use a tooth brush or anything. Skip your morning latte and grab one of these little guys! You won't regret it!

All items mentioned were purchased with my own pocket change, and my opinions are nothing more than my opinions. No company or person has paid me to say these things about Bliss, or Sephora. This post contains external links simply for your convenience.

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