Saturday, November 13, 2010

Body Modifications

I've always been a big fan of body piercings and unconventional ear piercings, and I guess I'm one of the few in this part of the lower main land that embraces this. Which just shows the impact of the underground cultures that thrive in Edmonton. It's not just Whyte ave where you'd spot someone with tattoos and piercings, but it seems that those type of people stick to the Gas Town area of Vancouver.
Any way, I thought I'd take this chance to share my personal experiences with body piercings, and tattoos.

Lets start with what I currently sport...


My ears consist of 5 piercings total. 

My left ear has a 16g tragus, 14g lobe, and 11m (7/16") lobe.

My right ear has 14g lobe, and 11mm (7/16") lobe.

I also have a 18g stud in my nose.

In the past I've had quite a variety of piercings. Nothing below the neck though, I've always kept it in my head. Ha-ha

I've had my ears with 3 piercings in the lobe, the largest I got for any of them was when I had my current lobe piercings at 11mm plus a 10g next to it, and a 12g next to that. But they all clanged together and were very noisy. So I retired the two upper lobes.

I also had my bottom lip with a hoop (or CBR, captive bead ring), and my top lip with a labret stud (called a medusa). My top lip only lasted a couple months, I kept biting it when I was eating, even after I got it downsized, so it had to go (fatteh). I kept my bottom lip for almost 5 years (18-23) until I finally decided that it was time for it to go as well. Just life changes.

Additional I had a 14g bar through my tongue. It was fun, and I loved it, until I bit down on it one day and chipped a tooth. I don't have a picture, it's your typical tongue piercing. I've had numerous earrings in the helix (or cartilage) part of my ear. They never heal quite right and I've given up.


I have 7 tattoos. 5 on my left arm and two on my back. Lets go in the order I got them.
#1 - Pentacle on the small of my back (aka my tramp stamp). I got this done when I was 17, and cried the whole time. I'm Dianic Wiccan an the Pentacle represents the 5 elements and how it all comes together. A very common pagan symbol.

#2 - 3 Tripple Moon Goddess Symbol on the top of my back between my shoulder blades. I got this done on my 18th birthday. Again, a spiritual one. This symbol represents the Goddess Diana and the 3 phases a woman goes through, maiden, mother, crone. I love the look of this symbol, not so much the look of this tattoo of it though...

#3 - Nautical Star + 3 Circles on the inside of my left wrist. I'm a big fan of old school tattoos and stars. I got this done when I was 19.  It's "upside down" apparently. The tip of the star is near my hand. The 3 dots represent the power of 3. So again, spiritual. I'm a strong believer in karma, and the power of 3. Whatever you do will come back in 3, good and bad.

#4 - Calla Lilly on the inside of my left forearm. This is a rip off of a tattoo Travis Barker has on his arm. I love Calla Lillies, and this is my favorite one for sure. I got this when I was 19.

#5 - Blue flower on the outside of my left forearm. This was a piece of flash art my friend Karri picked out for me. I wanted another tattoo and I liked the flower theme, so I let her pick it out. I get the most compliments on it, and it's simply off the wall of that tattoo shop. I got this when I was 20.

#6 - Yellow rose around a moon & my jawbreaker (I think it's supposed to be a planet? LOL) on my upper arm. This tattoo would be so much better with out my jawbreaker. But that's another story. It's a part of me now and I embrace it! I got this when I was 20/21, I can't remember.

#7 - Red Rose on the back of my upper arm, above my elbow. I was with my BFF Moo, waiting for her to get her tattoo done, and there was an artist who was very very bored. He gave me a discount and I grabbed this off the wall. Nothing fancy. I got this when I was 21. This is a fuzzy picture, taken at an angle, it sits upright on my arm.

I eventually want to fill in my whole arm. I hear people all the time tell me about how it doesn't flow, that's not how you do a sleeve, blah blah blah. This is how I do it. I'm a scattered, all over the place person, why wouldn't the art on my body reflect that? I know some of them (ok most of them) are poorly done. But you don't learn without doing it, right? I helped these artists hone their skills. I love my tattoos and I really don't care if someone else thinks I've done it wrong. It's my canvas, and I'll paint it however I want to. :)

Common questions!!!!
 - Do those hurt? (usually meaning my 11mm lobe)
No they don't hurt. Infact they hurt less now than when I was a teen and wore the crappy earrings from claires. This size limits me to what I can wear, meaning I wear only very high quality jewelry. When my ears were little/standard, they got irritated very easily. They'd often turn red and become very sore. This never happens anymore.

- How long did it take to stretch your ears?
I did it over the course of almost 3 years. I started by wearing more than 1 fish hook earring, and liked the look of it, then I moved up slowly using tapers at first. I got a hand a couple times by a professional piercer, who used tapers. Then finished off by taping them, adding a wrap of electrical tape (a no-no that I know now, but then I didn't know any better) every few days. I've been steady at 11mm for almost 5 years now. Well 5 years for one ear, and about 4 years for the other.

- Where do you find earrings? and What do you wear?
I find earrings all over. Online, in malls, and body art studios (fancy name for tattoo shops that do body piercing). I have what I would consider a pretty good sized collection right now. 
top row: BME Bling double flair steel tunnels, Gorilla Glass pyrex swirl plugs, BME silicone eyelets in purple.
second row: Culture Craze coconut plug (single, I've lost his mate), BME silicone eyelet in black (single, I've lots his mate too), Gorilla Glass red pyrex single flare tunnels, BME silicone earskins in blue (I'm wearing my black ones identical to these).
third row: Strange City glass (I believe) double flare flower plugs (I sadly can't wear because the flare's too big right now), BME silicone eyelets in "clear" (they've discoloured), BME single flare steel tunnels.
bottom row: Culture Craze buffallo horn tear drop plugs (new!)

- Which piercing hurt the most?
Nose, hands down my nose hurt the most. Now I'm not sure if that's because It was my first non-ear piercing, but it pinched so bad, my eyes watered so bad. It's a pain I don't want to have again.

and the big one...
- Why did you do that?!
Why does anyone do anything? Honestly. This has to be the dumbest question ever. Do you hear people asking stupid questions like "Why would you cut your hair so short?!". or "Why do you wear those glasses?". I honestly like the look of my ears larger, I enjoy having a stud in my nose. 

I have no problem with answering questions, and I'd rather people ask then assume. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in the comments, via email, or twitter @heavenlymakeup.

Love who you are! Embrace your beauty, in whatever way you wish!

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