Friday, November 26, 2010

Make Up Basic Don'ts

I get a lot of questions about makeup. Things like "what eyeshadow colours should I use for my hazel eyes", or "what foundation do u use". But it's the questions I'm not asked that make me think.

These are my top 10 make up basic don'ts that you might be doing!

10: Sponge aplicators!

You know these guys! They come with that little drug store eye shadows you get. These guys are useless! They harbor bacteria, and do not apply eyeshadow effectively. You cannot blend it, you pack on too much product that can cause creasing, or not enough product and then you can't figure out why your black eyeshadow is a grey shadow.

9. Re-using Sponges

These guys are disposable! They are about $2 a bag, throw them out after every use. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why my skin was so bad, this was the reason. I'd pour my liquid foundation on the sponge, the sponge would suck up half the product and I'd leave the sponge on the bathroom counter. Letting the oils from my face sit on the sponge with the old makeup, growing bacteria, collecting dust. Then the next day put more product on and put it all over my face!! Yuk! Chuck 'em guys. It's ok.

8. Pumping Mascara

I'm not sure what people thing pumping the mascara wand in and out of the tube will do? Make your lashes bigger? Make the mascara darker? Nope. It's just pushing air into your mascara, and no matter where you get it, it's expensive these days! It dries your mascara out, and yup you guessed it, can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

7. Wrong colour foundation!

This is my halloween costume from a few years ago, I went as a Ganguro. Rofl

This $h!t might fly on the streets of Harajuku, but that's not needed in day to day life. You will not look "healthy" or "bronzed" if you're orange. Or if your neck/chest/rest of your body doesn't match.

6. Spider Lashes

A very common ocurrance in high school girls. You want those big fat lashes you see in the adverts, but don't quite know how to do it. Layering the mascara is NOT the answer!! Wash your makeup off EVERY DAY! That mascara has to come off at night. It can cause irritation, your lashes can fall out, and you can get stys!

5. Powder Cake-Face

Yeah, Nicole Kidman. This is why you need to make sure your make up is well blended and ALL excess powder is wiped away! This is most likely a silica based powder, which sets translucent but can catch light in the worst situations.

4. Visible Lip Liner

If you're going to do dark lip liner you have 2 options... fill in your lips entirely, or use a dark lipstick. If your lipstick fades during the day, and all you're left with the lip liner it better not be too chola-esque.

3. Too Much Shimmer

I won't deny it, I was bad for this. I wanted to use all my makeup every day! I'd do a shimmery eye, with a bright shimmery highlighter under my eyebrow, then a shimmery bronzer, and a shimmer blush with a shimmer highlight on my cheek bones, then top everything off with a shimmery glitter lip gloss. Good god, I'm shocked I didn't blind someone!! Mattes can be your friend, especially the older you get.
Shimmer is beautiful, but like everything, too much of a good thing can be bad!

2. Over Bronzing

Does this even need a picture? You know I mean a certain group of people, from a certain part of NE America... Bronzer can be you friend, but don't abuse it. It can add a sun kissed glow, or a slight contour. Just use it sparingly, and right where the sun would hit you naturally.

1. Over Tweezed Eyebrows

From Tadpole or Sperm brows (where there's a bulb on one end, and a tiny straight line extending from it) to just straight up tweezed away, eyebrows are very important. They frame your face. They complete a look.
I know not everyone can have the exact "perfect" eyebrow that magazines talk about, but you can avoid looking shocked all the time. But that's a whole 'nother post.

All opinions in this post are mine and mine alone. Some pictures were found on Google, I do not own the rights to any pictures I am not in, or did not take. They are used for explanation reference only.

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