Friday, October 8, 2010

Health Canada Confuses Me! - Brazillian Blowout

So one of the beauty forums I visit regularly posts this link from Health Canada:

Very serious warnings about Brazillian Blowouts and the formaldehyde it contains... However when I go to the official Brazillian Blowout website, I read this:

This isn't the first time I've witnessed Health Canada post something online that wasn't quite fully informed.  But it makes me wonder, who's fibbin'.

Do brazillian blowouts really contain formaldehyde (or one of it's just as damaging cousins)? Or is Health Canada blowing blowout out of proportions!

If anyone has any information on what might be truthful please let me know!

As a person with natural very curly, and frizzy hair I've concidered trying this treatment, but I really have no desire to put anymore formaldehyde on my body (a lot of nail polishes contain a small amount of it!).

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