Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Veet Easy Grip Strips Review & At Home Waxing Tips

So I try to get free samples where ever I can, and this time around I got a sample of Veet Easy Grip Wax Strips.

The sample pack came with a leg strip, a small strip that looks like it could be for the lip or the eyebrow, and a post waxing wipe they call "Perfect Finishing Wipe".

This is not enough to do any serious damage to my wooly mammoth legs (I've been waiting to wax again), but it did give me a good feel for the product. I used each side of the strip 3 times, after that I found they weren't doing much.

The first go was obviously the most successful. It stung just as much as any waxing product. Anyone who tells you waxing doesn't hurt, is lying. It stings. You're ripping hair out by the root, that's not going to tickle. It's easy to use, and not messy!! I own professional waxing equipment, and I don't like to use it because it's so messy.

I'm not going to use the other strip, I don't like the idea of pre-waxed strips on eyebrows. That seems like a good recipe for losing a full eyebrow. And I've had a bad run in with waxing my white blonde peach fuzz mustache.

The finishing wipe is just an oily towelette. I didn't use it.

The real product comes in a pack of 20 (leg strips), for $10.98 (from walmart). I figure 20 strips will easily do two half legs, and that's not a bad deal IMO. I suggest this for sure! I might even pick up a pack myself, just to avoid the mess of setting up my gigi wax pot. 

Now for the waxing tips!!

1. Hold your skin tight!!! Loose skin will cause lifting, that's when you remove skin, not just hair.

2. Pull quick and parallel to your body. Don't pull up, Don't pull slow (that veet commercial blows my mind!)

3. Don't wax the same area twice! If you're not using baby powder to create a safe barrier do not wax the same area twice.

4. Exfoliate before and hydrate after. If you have any extra wax left on your skin use some oil to remove the wax and to rehydrate the skin.

Now wanna see something gross? 


  1. How do you have so much hair? That blows my mind! I got waxed once, and never again. I like the new kinds of shavers out there, like Venus, where everything is attached, so you don't need foam or anything.

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