Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glymm Box - September 2011

I opted out of renewing my Luxe Box, and went for Glymm instead. Same idea, samples of beauty products delivered to your door for a low price.

Glymm is $10/mo. I paid for 1 month, and I'll go more into detail about if I do/do not order again.

You can get this at www.glymm.com

My box came with a generic note:

on the back lists the products and full sized retail prices, it didn't scan properly so I took a photo

First about this note I don't get why it talks about thick brows and bold lips when there's nothing to do with brows or lips in this box. Second the sentence "After you read your September Issue of Vouge..." bothers me. Have you ever picked up a vouge, it's 90% ads and like $8. PASS. Sorry Glymm.

Along with the stacks of "buy our products" paper, I got some products:

We have a pack of Jelly Belly Jellybeans, nice touch. I love free food.

Oscar De La Renta fregrance Espirt d'Oscar. 1.6 oz (aka 47ml for those on the metric system...) runs you $78. They describe it as "Bright, citrus, floral and warm". I agree. I'd add old lady to that, but yeah generally citrus/floral. I feel like perfume samples are a cop out. I get the tiniest amount of fragrance that you can get by the bundle at the bay, all you have to do is ask. And they consider it a "sample". Now the 3ml roller ball of Forbidden Euphoria I received in my last Luxe Box, now that's a sample.
It isn't enough product to give a fl oz amount on the bottle, but it's definitely smaller than my other perfume samples.

John Masters Organics Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash & Body Milk. Each full sized bottle of 236 ml is $25.40. I received 2 samples of 30 ml. The samples are worth $3.22 each. It's a nice scent. I love blood orange scent, I have some bliss hand cream that's white pepper and blood orange, I LOVE it. I'll probably get 1 use out of each of these bottles though, that's a bummer.

Before I get to the blush I also got a "Glymm Surprise". I love surprises! This one was a make up case in a faux croc pattern. I already have so many make up bags, I guess I'll just throw it in the pile.

Lastly the blush. This is the smallest blush ever!! Vasanti Rockies Blush. Shockingly this is full sized, they say it retails for $15. The colour is very nice, I'd wear this for sure, but I have a hard time thinking I would buy other blushes from this company.

Over all, $10 for a blush and some other stuff (plus jelly beans!) is a pretty good deal. However, I think I've been spoiled from Luxe Box. I feel the products I've received there fit my personality, and I'm more likely to use them. I've also somehow been signed up for the Glymm news letter, even though I remember opting out of it.

It took a week for my box to get here from Quebec. My tracking number didn't update often, but that's not the fault of Glymm, that's Canada Post at it's best.

Will I buy a Glymm Box again? Probably not.

All opinions expressed in this post and the above video are mine, and mine alone. I have no affiliation with Glymm and the links provided are for your convenience and are NOT affiliate links.

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