Monday, May 23, 2011

Balea Face Mask Review - AHA Anti-aging Micro Dermabrasion

Time for another Balea Mask review, forgive me for being away. I'm fighting this horrible cold and noisy neighbours (preventing a full nights rest).

Lets get right to it! Tonight I used the Balea Anti-Aging Micro Dermabrasion Duo.

This mask comes with two parts, one part is a micro-dermabrasion mask side, and a pore protecting cream side.

First the mask side says to scrub into your face and let it sit for 10 mins. This one was really lovely, compared to the other one I used.

It smelled slightly citrusy, and didn't burn at all. It had small beads of exfoliant as well as AHA chemical exfoliant. It started to run down my neck at first, but dried quickly.


The mask and the cream were about the same portion, and I only used about a third of the cream, but it absorbed quickly into my skin.

I've never had true Micro-Dermabrasion done to myself, but I have seen the machine and felt it on my hand. Lets be honest, nothing out of a plastic bag will compare to the real deal. Micro-dermabrasion is definitely one of the rare treats I think we should all spoil ourselves with one day.

My skin feels soft and hydrated. I definitely will buy this one again!

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