Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Skin79 BB Cream - eBay

I wanted to take a moment to let you know where I got my new BB Cream from. This cost me about $59 at Crystal Mall (an asian import mall here in Vancouver), but this only cost me $16 including upgraded shipping with a tracking number. This is everything I recieved:

A 40g container of the BB Cream, a sample of the BB Cream, a sample of the Gold BB Cream, and a sample of what looks like a serum.  Along with a letter addressed to me from the CEO of the company, informing me of a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I bought from who had great communication, and quick shipping/feed back. I ordered this late Sunday night and they gave me a tracking number within 2 hours, of course that makes it mid Monday in Korea.The products came in bubble wrap in a perfect sized box, I hate over sized boxes or worse the envelopes.

I have no affiliation with this but just wanted to share my positive experience. If you're thinking of buying the Skin79 BB Cream I suggest this seller on eBay.

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