Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glymm October

So I guess I ordered the re-occurring monthly Glymm box. That was kind of a surprise. Anyway, even though I didn't want it, here's what I got.

When I first opened it:

more annoying paper junk

Lip pencil swatched:

So far I've tried everything except the Premier Creme, which is a make up primer I gather.

The lip balm I really like. It has a strange flavour to it, but it's very thick and hydrating. It's not sticky. I'm keeping it in my purse right now, and it's full sized! Bonus!

The Lise Watier lip pencil is very glittery. I'm not sure how I think about it yet. I like the theory behind the big fat pencil. It's very smooth and glossy. Nice. And again, FULL SIZED?! Good job this month Glymm.

The foot cream is very nice. Thick and absorbs very quickly. Not sure if I'd pay $18 for a full sized, but the sample is nice.

Oh and the orange Jelly Bellys were DELICIOUS!

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