Friday, July 23, 2010

Eve Pearl Haul & Review

I have gig doing makeup for a wedding coming up and I realized that my foundations in my kit were both old, and very limited. So I picked up the Eve Pearl Pro Trios Pro Kit.

I chose Eve Pearl because of the demo I caught at IMATS Vancouver this year. She's a very talented artist, and has great stage presence. I highly suggest if you have the chance to see her, you do! She did two demos on different skin types and colours. Her big thing is makeup for every complexion. Which is great!! We live in such a multi-cultural society and it's great to have the ability to work on anyone.  Her other big thing is the Magic Salmon Concealer. The salmon/pinkish tones help cancel out the blue tones under the eyes.

I chose the Pro Trios Pro Kit because of the wide range of colours, this way I can test them out, and if I need more of a certain colour I know exactly which one to get!  The kit comes with the Magic Salmon Concealer, two Concealer Trios, two Foundation Trios, and a Blush Trio for $150. I think that's a great deal!!

I've done some swatches, then I'll tell you what I think of the product.

First is the Blushes: Rosy, Ruby, Toffee (I believe that's clockwise)

I applied these with my finger so they're much stronger than they would be on your face. I found these to be very creamy, and they dry matte. The "Ruby" one (I think) seems rather orange, but that might just be my skintone.

Concealers: Salmon (Light, Medium, Dark), Trio A (HD Fair 1, HD Fair 2, and Medium salmon), & Trio B (HD Tan 1, HD Tan 2, Tan Salmon). So I got double the medium Salmon.

Man my arm looks hairy on macro setting...

Top row Concealer Trio A, Concealer Trio B; Bottom Magic Salmon Concealer Trio.

These are pretty creamy as well, but a different texture than the blush that's for sure. Very buildable for a full coverage. And I have to say, it's great to have such a wide range of concealer colours. They mix well and Eve suggested to apply them with a wet brush or sponge.

I also wanted to test them out to see how the coverage was, so I put them over a blue flower tattoo I have on my arm.  Clockwise is Light, Medium, Dark.

Impressive! If they cover my tattoo that well I think they'll work great for a wedding day. No blemish or lack of sleep will stop my bride from looking flawless!

Finally the Foundations: HD Trio A (HD Light1, HD Medium 1, HD Medium 2), and HD Trio B (HD Dark 1, HD Dark 2/Deep 1, HD Deep 2)

I didn't swatch these. They look awesome, and in the demo I saw she used two colours to create "reverse contouring". Seriously awesome class. Thank Eve!

You can pick up these trios, and all Eve's products at

All products were purchased by me, all opinions are my own with no outside influence.

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