Monday, June 18, 2012

Nail Trend - Aquairum Nails

I'm always looking at new nail trends, and was shocked at this style.

Aquarium Nails

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They're like those pens you had when you were a kid, that were full of water and glitter or something similar. The glitter moved around while you wrote.


In the tip is glitter and a watery liquid that the glitters or other small objects are suspended from. Looking into this trend I found you can buy kits with the nails already hollow, or you can build them yourself.

At first I was like "why the hell would anyone want that", then after awhile I kind of wanted them myself.

What do you think? Would you try aquarium nails? Do you think they're fun? Trashy? Cool? Let me know!

Personally all I can think of is the scene in the Simpsons where Homer finds the naked lady pens and race them all (damn you YouTube, why don't you have a clip of that?!)

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