Friday, December 23, 2011

How things change... and I'm sure I have a problem

It's almost the end of the year and that means it's time for me to retire all my photos for the year to my external hard drive (I'm a JPEG hoarder, I can't delete anything).

In doing so I found a picture I took in 2007 right after I finished school of my make up collection. Oh how things are different now.

**Disclaimer: I am in no way bragging about this mess. I don't think it's reasonable for a single person to own so much make up!**



I'm sure there's more hiding in places, but that's the general collection. I really want a 3rd steralite drawer thing just to have extra room, but I think that's just going to drive me to fill it up.... I have a problem. Someone call A&E! I need an intervention!!

Looking at that I think it's time to purge some as well. I still have all 3 of those blushes, the redd lip liner is getting very low, and my red paint I'm sure has seen better days...

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