Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Showdown - Brush Cleaner

I did a deep cleaning of ALL my brushes today. I thought I'd do a little show down between my ol' faithful MAC Brush Cleanser and the rookie Crown Brush Make-up Brush Cleaner


MAC Brush Cleanser
$13 US
Pink in colour
Gets brushes clean of powders
Doesn't work too good on emollient products like concealer, lipstick, foundation

Crown Brush Make-up Cleaner
$10 (I picked mine up for $5 at IMATS)
Green in colour (Pink on the website)
Smells strongly of alcohol (although it claims it has a vanilla scent)
Doesn't foam
Doesn't work very well on emollient products like concealer, lipstick, foundation

I really can't get over the smell of the Crown Brush cleaner. It's very strong. I think I'll stick with the MAC Brush Cleanser.

Tip: I put mine in a spray bottle, and mix in 1/3rd water, this way I can spot clean easily, and my cleaner lasts longer.



  1. If you are looking to give your foundation brush a nice cleaning, stop by a Michaels and get some Pink Soap brush cleanser/conditioner. I use this stuff prior to using an alcohol based cleanser and it really helps get the gross oily nasty stuff (foundation/concealer) out of my brushes. It even removes hard bits from when I tried to use a brush in a gel-eyeliner pot. It's for paintbrushes, I think, but it's super gentle and conditioning and it takes stuff out of my brushes that I didn't know existed. Plus it's cheap and the bottle I have has lasted me 5+ years :)

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